Fun With Photojournalism

For our third assignment in Multimedia Production, we were tasked with scouting out events, and people, to photograph using the skills and tools of a photo journalist. At first this assignment was a bit awkward for me, as it required us to approach strangers and ask if we could photograph them in whatever they were doing. It can be very strange to ask someone their permission to photograph them, but after the first two it became much less stressful. What follows are the five photos that I believe turned out best from my shooting.

Gotta Second? – Joseph Shahidi petitions students in the University of Wyoming Union, on behalf of Thrive Laramie

My first photo “Gotta Second?” is a feature photo of one of the many booths that can be found in the University of Wyoming Union on any given day. I happened to stumble upon this booth while walking through the Union between classes one day. For this particular booth, Shahidi was asking students passing by to fill out a short online survey about housing developments in Laramie. Any students that completed the survey would be entered in a drawing for a $100 Downtown Laramie gift card that can be used anywhere down town. This was a very easy shot to get as, I talked to Shahidi for a few moments, agreed to take the online survey, got my shot and went on my way.

Off to Class – Students at the University of Wyoming mosey between classes on a beautiful Friday afternoon

This second shot is more of a spot news shot, as it is simply a snapshot of one of many moments that take place on the University every day. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day and the atmosphere was buzzing due to the weekend drawing ever nigh. Additionally, there was a home football game on campus the following day, and the excitement of the school could be felt in the air. Another element of this shot that I really love is the presence of the leading line photographic element. The walking path leads the viewers eyes along the line of students, as if they themselves are a student walking to class.

Study Buddies – Engineering students Cole Burbank (left) and Issac Boettcher (right) prepare for coming exams in the basement of the University Union

This is a more general news shot taken as the semester ramps up, and students put their nose to the grind to prepare for tests. I was walking through The Gardens, in the basement of the University Union, when I discovered Burbank and Boettcher having a very intense discussion over the material they were working on. I immediately felt a connection to the moment as I have been in their shoes many times before. Trying to work through a study guide and racking your brain with classmates is something that we, as college students, can all identify with. In the photo the two students work to balance each other, and the way they are framed demonstrates the rule of thirds. This was probably the most awkward of my photos to shoot, because I didn’t want to disturb the two students. However, both Burbank and Boettcher were very understanding and kind. I talked to them for a moment before letting them return to their peace and quiet.

Just Hanging Out – University of Wyoming student Bowen Reber holds his core tight for this L-sit hang

My fourth photo is a sports action photo taken at Half Acre Gymnasium at the University of Wyoming. This photo was taken about halfway through Reber’s workout on Monday afternoon. By this time in the assignment I had gotten over my anxiety of approaching subjects to be photographed, so getting this shot was relatively easy. At the time of this shot, Half Acre was rather empty compared to what it usually is. This allowed more flexibility in getting the perfect shot, as it was easy to move around and not be in the way. Additionally, I really love the lighting that you can get from the high power lights that are at the gym.

30 Years of Remembrance – (Right to Left) PVT. Bendan Rucinski, Ellen Vis, Rachel Judy and John Innocenti give students information at the mock Berlin Wall located on Prexy’s Pasture

Today begins the week long event at the University of Wyoming to commemorate and remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. On Prexy’s Pastures there is a mock Berlin Wall that students can write various graffiti messages on. This feature will be here all week and will have students and faculty that can offer information on the fall of the wall. I was lucky to stumble upon this event for a feature photo as I was walking home from class, and everyone was happy to be photographed and have the word spread. I really love the lighting for this photo, and I believe that the checkpoint and the wall work to balance each other well.

All in all, I really enjoyed this assignment. It was fun running around campus and talking to various students. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken photos at more sports events so that I could have had more than just one in this post. Moving forward, I plan to pay more attention to the UWYO events calendar so that I can find some truly unique events to shoot and write on.


Creative Devices in Photography

Photography is something that I have always had a large interest in, however it has not been something that was very accessible to me until now. I am very thankful that this multimedia production class is offering the opportunity to develop my photographic prowess through hands-on practice. Last Friday, 9/13/2019, our class spent time at the William’s Conservatory on the University of Wyoming campus. Our goal on this outing was to successfully shoot many photos and capture five that we felt portrayed one of the creative devices that we discussed in class. What follows is my showcase of photos that I believe exemplify various creative photographic devices.

Peeking Pokey – A prickly cactus pokes out from behind another plant

The primary creative device present in Peeking Pokey is focus. While the cactus lies in the background with another plant in front of it, the viewers eye is drawn to the cactus due to it being in more focus. Additionally, this picture effectively shows depth with the plant and its pot in the foreground, and the windows and the shelf running off in the background. These elements in tandem work together to make this an aesthetically pleasing shot of the cactus.

Fuzzy Fingers – Many fuzzy tendrils erupt from this unique plant at William’s Conservatory

Fuzzy Fingers is a very fun piece that is brought to life thanks to the creative device, texture. Many of the individual hairs on each of the tendrils are clearly visible and they leave the viewer with the sensation that they know precisely how this plant would feel. Focus also works in this picture as the background grows blurry which reinforces the texture of this plant. I chose this photo because the plant really popped out at me when going through my photos from the shoot.

Fancy a Sip? – Wade Dudley gets a refreshing drink from mother nature’s treasures

Fancy a Sip?” is a funny shot of Wade Dudley getting a drink from one of the many water features at William’s Conservatory. This photo utilizes the creative device known as balancing elements. Balancing elements play a large role in this piece as Wade’s face head and the vibrant red flower work together to establish balance across the shot, making it very aesthetically pleasing. The way the Wade’s head is cropped reinforces this idea of balance across the shot.

Serenity – Water pours from a bamboo chute in a beautiful water feature

Serenity is, without a doubt, my favorite photo from Friday’s shoot. The primary creative device in in this shot is viewpoint as it is shot near the level of the water which draws focus to the ripples on the water. I believe that leading lines play a role in this photo as the water pouring from the chute leads the viewers’ eyes into the blackness of the chute. These devices work to create a calming effect which is what inspired the title.

Vibrance – A plant with all the colors of a rainbow

Vibrance is another one of my favorite shots from our time at William’s Conservatory. The most evident creative device in this photo is color which makes this plant pop and come alive. The combinations of colors are so unique and aesthetically pleasing that one can get lost in the sauce while viewing. The viewpoint of this shot also ads to the aesthetic because its close up perspective makes the individual parts of this plant pop even more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and learning more about the photographic process. In hindsight I wish I would have taken more photos. However, I do not believe this hindered my ability to capture various creative elements in each of the photos. I am very excited to utilize and hone the skills gained through this assignment as I continue as a photographer.

Here We Go Again

Its that time of year once again. Back in Laramie with my pencils sharpened and a hunger for knowledge. Perhaps an even greater hunger to be done, as this will be my last year here at the University of Wyoming. I am very eager at the opportunity to take the multimedia production course, I believe that in this course I will learn a wide set of skills that will make me a more effective and marketable media producer.

I believe that this course will teach valuable photography and videography techniques and skills, as well as many editing strategies to make my media standout. After browsing through the previous students blog entries, my hunch appears to be true but only the unfolding of time will provide certainty. I also believe that this class will provide a unique opportunity to dive deeper into my love for audio media.

Throughout this semester, I would like this blog to focus primarily on all things music. From music events here on campus to music news across the country, I want to provide insightful commentary and reporting on that which brings me such joy.

This blog assignment also provides the opportunity to develop skills and conduct research into strategic communication. I hope to speak to the Branding Iron and WPR and see what strategies and tactics they use to appeal to a mass audience and use strategic communication to impact the way information is disseminated and received.

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